Highlights of 2023

Another year has come to an end. It has been full of adventure, joy, and some mishaps as well since it wouldn’t be real life if everything was great all the time. Nevertheless, let’s focus on the positive to start the new year in a good mood and with a strong motivation to do even better.


You may still remember that in January we started our year by visiting PAG30 (Plant And Animal Genome Conference). We plan to do the same this year as well.

We also talked about the benefits of multiplexing. It was first used in 1988 and has stuck around since it is an incredibly useful tool in many applications, such as SNP genotyping, pathogen detection, and food analysis. Using multiplexing saves time, money, and rare samples. It gives more reliable results than singleplexing and, as already mentioned, has a lot of application possibilities. You can find out more about multiplexing in our blog. There is more than one blog post about it.


February was quite a busy month for us. We visited Medlab Middle East and made some wonderful new connections. It was also great to meet our already existing partners. February was also a good time to visit Tartu University career day and talk to future bioscientists what we are up to. In addition, we had a webinar together with Fluxergy to discuss how to simplify your point-of-care assay development process. You can watch it HERE.

In our blog, you could read about our slogan “Innovation powered by nature” and the history behind it. You can refresh your memory HERE. For Valentine’s Day we had a special blog post about products that work better together. You can read about that HERE.

In March you could find our representatives at the 10th Gene Quantification Event in Germany ready to meet new clients and old friends.

Most importantly we had our first product launch of the year - SOLIScript® Fast 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix with UNG. It’s the most convenient and reliable 1-step RT-qPCR mix on the market containing all components necessary to perform cDNA synthesis and probe-based qPCR with up to 5 targets within 1h. We always have free samples available, if you would like to find out whether this product is just what you are looking for. Learn more about it HERE.


In April you could find out about a new Fools’ Day product called SolisSLOW – an innovative solution for workplace relaxation.

While April is a good time for jokes, we also did some serious work, for example, we talked about high-throughput genotyping in our blog. High-throughput genotyping enables a large number of precise results to be obtained fast. This allows for example to find ways to make food production more efficient to support the growing population and find a cure for diseases before they get of out hand. In addition, doing everything together at the same time saves time and money for the researchers. Not to mention having a more stable and comfortable workflow with automation and robotics doing most of the work. There is a smaller risk of contamination, fewer pipetting errors, better quality, and consistent and reliable results. You can read more about it HERE.

In addition, you could read a blog post featuring Narges – our very own sunshine in the company.


By May we had prepared a tech note for everyone interested in the more technical aspects of SOLIScript® Fast 1-step RT-qPCR Mix with UNG.

Many multiplex or multi-target cartridge systems require universal RT-qPCR reagents that can detect both RNA and DNA. This capability enables flexible assay design to quickly differentiate between pathogens that cause similar symptoms, including RNA and DNA viruses and bacteria.

Furthermore, it is a common practice to employ DNA targets as positive controls in kits that are primarily intended for the detection of RNA pathogens. SOLIScript® Fast 1-step RT-qPCR Mix with UNG is a reliable and versatile tool that maintains high specificity and efficiency in these complex conditions, where one reagent must fulfill multiple roles. Explore the tech note HERE.

May was also a good time to introduce our service offers:
  • Contract manufacturing - offering a primary/secondary production site for your protein.
  • Product development - developing a protein or a master mix exactly for your needs.
  • Assay development - helping you design and optimize a molecular assay for specific targets.
  • White labeling - broadening your product portfolio with existing solutions from Solis BioDyne.
You can read more HERE. If you are interested in any, contact services@solisbiodyne.com.


In June we got featured in the Summer Issue of Baltic Business Quarterly and celebrated World Environment Day.  In addition, we had a webinar about everything new in Solis BioDyne. You can watch it from our YouTube channel HERE.


In July you could once again meet us and have an exciting chat in the USA if you happened to be in San Diego, Los Angeles, or AACC tradeshow. This trip was accompanied by an awesome new flyer that wraps up everything that we do pretty well.

You could learn more about our services from a blog post called “Get to know more about our services!”. We also had a blog post about the coolest IT guy that we know of, if that is something more of interest to you. You can read about Marek HERE.

As summer was coming to an end you could read in the blog about how our products help find effective treatments for depression patients. The blog post is based on an interview done with a Tartu University scientist Maria Kaare.  

You could also participate in a webinar called “Mastering Endpoint PCR: Optimization and Creative Problem Solving”. Or you can watch it now HERE.


The first month of autumn began with a little refresher blog post on everything you need to know about dye-based qPCR. You can refresh your memory HERE.

In September, you could also meet us at ArabLab and get to know some fun facts about PCR on International PCR Day. For example, did you know that the PCR method is already 40 years old?


In October, we got to celebrate Sparkup Tartu Science Park’s birthday and help the biggest university textbook in Estonia get published. The book is called Cell Biology. It has 1184 pages and weighs 3.38 kilograms. We also had the privilege of participating in the XXV Annual Conference of the Estonian Human Genetics Association and supporting the young scientists' session.

In our blog, you could read more about RNases to get warmed up for the two new RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor launches. Ribonucleases or RNases are native proteins that can degrade RNA molecules. To mitigate risks, we rely on RNase inhibitors, which are invaluable tools to protect and preserve RNA molecules in diverse biotechnological applications. Get more information HERE.


The last month of Autumn was well spent at Medica. Our team met a lot of great people and had some fascinating conversations during the action-packed four days in Germany.


As always, December has been full of holiday preparations, Christmas spirit summoning, and surprisingly many product launches.

You may have noticed our Christmas Calendar on LinkedIn introducing some of your and our favorite products. We hope it gave you some new insights into what we have to offer and maybe an opportunity to make yourself or your lab partner a nice Christmas gift.

As mentioned before, we launched two new products: RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor (220U/µl) and RiboGrip®️ Glycerol-Free RNase Inhibitor (220 U/µl). Here are some facts about these products:
  • Exceptional stability – stable for up to 60 °C for 1 hour
  • Unique high-concentration formulation
  • Efficient protection of RNA at low DTT concentrations
Be sure to find out more from the product pages, read the blog post, or ask info@solisbiodyne.com.
Happy New Year from us and let’s do something great together in 2024!