Narges - our own sunshine

In Estonia, we pretty much spend half a year in the dark and cold. It’s therefore very nice to have a person around who lights up the whole room and brings the warmth of summer with her everywhere she goes. Our own sunshine Narges was chosen by co-workers as the greatest Makes My Day Person in the company, so here is a little story about her to make your day. 

As one of our colleagues who is originally not from Estonia, Narges’ sweetest memory from her childhood is spending time in the North of Iran on the shore of the Caspian Sea. From the morning until the evening, she enjoyed swimming, sandcastle making, and collecting seashells in different shapes. The best part was just a small gap for a fast lunch when her mother pleased them by bringing fresh fruits. Even now, thinking about those memories brings a smile to her face and she can feel the emotions and tastes of those moments.

Her biggest inspiration in life has been her mother. She was her best friend, best leader, and guide for life. She made Narges familiar with the traditional culture of Persians. They spent time visiting museums and art galleries in Tehran, going to concerts, and enjoying the theater. Her mother was very much into literature and she always got great book suggestions. They could talk about anything from music to art, from history to social matters. She always wanted Narges to believe in herself, and her strengths and always put all her efforts into her goals while respecting others in any aspect of their mindset. The best thing Narges did for her mother was to try her best to be her true self, love others, and not be a person based on others’ desires. Unfortunately, her mother passed away when Narges was only 23 leaving their time spent together quite short. Despite that, their story is still ongoing. Her mother is always with her - she can see her in the rain, in the Sun, and in the ocean.

Inspired by her mother, Narges loved reading as a kid. Her favorite book was
The Little Prince, which she has read over a hundred times. She would have loved to become a writer - writing down all her imagination, making dreamy worlds, and letting others experience her imagination. Nevertheless, throughout the years her goals surpassed her dreams and she fell in love with science instead.  

Her interest in science started in the 6th grade during a school trip to the botanical lab. They had a microscope workshop there, where everybody got the opportunity to look at the leaves and onion peels under the microscope. This tiny cellular-level world looked really fascinating and beautiful to her and got her hooked on science. The next day Narges asked her father for a microscope of her own and he bought her a small one. Then the journey of putting everything under a microscope began. Later she studied science as her main subject in high school and found microbiology and molecular biology to be very interesting. She was admitted to molecular biology for her bachelor's degree and later continued her interest by studying for her master's in the field of biotechnology in India.

Being a scientist is something that Narges is quite enjoying. It’s in line with her academic background and desire and she has been doing it for the past 15 years. She finds that being able to work in Solis BioDyne as a technology specialist in the Quality Control (QC) department is a great opportunity for her. This is how she describes her experience: “Joining Solis Biodyne is one of the most wonderful parts of my life in Estonia! I love working in this company which is one of the leading companies in the field of molecular biology and the hard work of team members is a remarkable help in terms of health to people all around the world. Solis BioDyne is a wonderful community of very well-established educated and professional members. Solis BioDyne’s company values are very well represented by the team - “passion, curiosity, and responsibility”. The company really deserves to be called the Solis BioDyne family. I love every member of my new family, the atmosphere is just wonderful. The family is not just the biological blood relationship but feeling connected and surrounded by people who care about you and support you in any aspect that provides you to be your best! I feel the same during my workdays. All my lovely colleagues just make my day with their lovely smiles and energy and in teamwork always have great ideas to share and amazing understanding which provides me to cover my duties in the best way.”

“Our QC team has a brilliant young leader who is a great listener and open-minded and wonderful team members with remarkable knowledge to share about technical situations and outstanding emotional support with an open hug for me on work days. I am blessed that I could productively use my academic knowledge. Stability testing provides me with the engagement of testing over a wide range of company products. As I love working in the wet lab, my job duties provide me with a nice balance between lab and analysis behind the screen.”

For Narges every day in Solis BioDyne is a story of life with its ups and downs while still being joyful. Some days and stories are more intense. Her favorite memory is from her first week at work when she was introduced to our company’s owner Olev. During their conversation, they got into the topic of chocolate. Olev said: “Eating chocolate is a human right” and Narges, who is a big chocolate lover, found it to be a brilliant quote.

Narges giving a yoga class.
Another one of her favorite memories in Solis BioDyne is being chosen as the greatest Make My Day Person by our colleagues. Why Narges was chosen for that title is because, according to co-workers in Solis BioDyne, she is the smiliest person ever. She always takes her time to share good thoughts and ideas. She has always something positive to say. She is an amazing person to have around. She is our peace in the chaos - calm, forgiving, and understanding. She is thoroughly a kind and warm person with positivity radiating from her. This win was heart-touching and heartwarming to her, as all our colleagues with their lovely smiles and great energy are making every day a wonderfully unique day for her as well.

The best team experience for Narges was our summer holiday on Kihnu Island. It was an outstanding experience, exploring the island and becoming familiar with the culture, tradition, handicrafts, remarkable buildings, and a brilliant woman - Kihnu Virve, who was a famous singer from the island. Besides exploring the island, everyone got to enjoy an awesome party at the shore of the Baltic Sea that was full of dance with rhythm and joy!

What motivates Narges to do her best is the need to surpass her old records and improve her capabilities. She compares herself with her old self in all aspects and finding herself getting closer to reaching her goals motivates her to keep going stronger. She is always thirsty for knowledge which is a great motivator for her. Learning new things will push her to pass her old records and this just motivates her to try harder and go further. She believes that hard work, being goal-oriented and open-minded are what keep her motivated.

Narges with her family.

For Narges, like for us all, life has not been without challenges. For her, the biggest challenge so far has been moving to Estonia with her family. Even though she would describe herself as a cosmopolitan person, and having had the experience of living in India as a student, her choice to live in Estonia was a totally different story. Coming out of her comfort zone after 10 years of settlement in Iran was the most challenging situation for her, her husband, and her son. It was challenging in terms of language, culture, and especially missing loved ones who were back in Iran. She feels blessed that they overcame the situation and by understanding and supporting each other were able to integrate into their new homeland. 

“Estonia and its lovely people opened their hearts to us, and in a short time we found ourselves entwined with our new homeland,” says Narges. 

As her biggest achievement, Narges lists finding her way to enjoy being her true self and making her friendship bond stronger with her inner self. “This is a great achievement for me to listen to my inner voice and smile at every matter,” comments Narges. “It doesn't mean anything will not bother me, but I still try to catch pearls from the sea life in any situation and be grateful for the good ones I have.”

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, walking in nature, and painting. Painting as playing with colors always lets her mind look at the world from the window of the color combination - she could mix her imagination with reality and turn it into a color combination and let it appear on the canvas. Although, these days she has been spending more time on her new musical instrument - the handpan, which has an incredible sound and she hopes that very soon she can play it for her yoga students as well. 
Narges with the handpan and daffodils,
flowers which she was named after.
Since 2004, yoga has been not only for her physical training but also for her mindset off the mat. Because of her passion for Yoga, in 2008 she started giving yoga classes to  share her yoga experience and help others to become more aware of their body, mind, breathing, and energy flow. She wishes everyone could enjoy looking at the world from the window of love and positive energy. 

“In a very fast and busy life that requires the whole capacity of our mind, we all need to calm down our busy mind and focus on learning and bringing our knowledge to the most productive place. I hope my yoga sharing helps others in their life management,” explains Narges.

In the future she would love to explore the world as much as possible - visit different countries on all the continents, and become familiar with different cultures and their nature.

Lastly, we leave you with some inspiring life advice from Narges: “Flowing in the river of life and removing the etiquette from the situations, do not divide them into good and bad just experience it as a mixture of tastes. Let anything that is not serving you more go and make free space for the better things to come. Believe that everything happens just for you, not to you, to open the way for your best coming towards you. Your best is waiting for the right place and the best moment to appear. Last but not least, don’t compare yourself with others, be your authentic best self.”