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We recently had a webinar introducing our services. Have look, if you would like to know more about our service offerings and learn how they could benefit your business.

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Contract manufacturing
  • You are looking for an experienced manufacturer of enzymes and proteins with competency in large-scale production
  • You are looking for a primary/secondary production site for your protein
  • You are looking for competence in codon optimization for production in E.coli
Product development
  • You are looking for specific formulations (e.g., high concentrated, gly-free)
  • You are working with (RT-q)PCR master mixes, but you seem to not find the master mix that is a good fit for your assay
  • You are working on a special application that requires specific proteins or enzymes not available on the market
  • You are designing a protein, but you are facing problems with its stability and are looking for solutions on how to improve it – possibility to incorporate the Stability TAG into your protein
Assay development
  • You are looking for a master mix and/or assay development for specific targets
  • You are looking for competence in (RT-q)PCR experiment optimization for your existing assay design
White labeling
  • You have a strong brand and market presence and you would like to broaden your product portfolio with existing solutions from Solis BioDyne