How to Order?

Ordering products from Solis BioDyne is super easy and you have multiple options. Here we are going to go through them all, so that you could feel confident about making your order. The best option is to use our E-shop.

To order a product you must have a user account. If this is your first time ordering from our E-shop you can either choose the product(s) and then create an account or first create an account and then start ordering.

If you decide to create an account first click on the person figure in the upper right corner. Then you will get an option to register as a user. 

If you have already chosen your products, then before going to checkout you will be automatically directed to the registration page. (Don’t worry, your order will not disappear while you are making an account.)

To register an account you need to fill out your contact details, shipping and billing address. Our E-shop is available to organizations only. Once you have entered all the necessary information click sign up and continue shopping.

By hovering your mouse over the E-shop on our website you will get an option to either browse products on our product page or do a quick order in case you already know what you want.



If you already know what you want to order you can go to the quick order page and choose the product(s) from the select product list. You can also just start typing the product code or name to find what you are looking for even faster. Once you have chosen all the products you want to order click on add to cart. From there you will be directed to the cart. If you would still like to add products you may continue doing so on our product page or go back to the quick order page.

If you are not exactly sure what you would like to order, you can click on browse products under E-shop. On the left you can find the product finder, which will help you filter out the products you need.

Once you have gotten familiar with the products and chosen the one you would like to order, click on add to cart, then it will appear in the cart at the upper right corner of the page.

You can add as many products as you like. Once you are done with your shopping click on the cart at the upper right corner to go to checkout.

In case you get really lost and don’t know what to order, hover over resources in the upper menu of our website. 

There you can find our product selection guides and answers to frequently asked questions

If that doesn’t help you, then you can always ask for advice from our chat at the bottom left corner of our website.

Before finishing your order you can go through the ordering conditions to get answers to any additional questions you may have about ordering products from Solis BioDyne. (If you didn’t already do so while registering your user account.) These can be found in the menu by hovering your mouse over the E-shop

By now you should have chosen your products and clicked on the cart button. From there all you have to do is click checkout (or enter promo code first, if you have one). Make sure your address is correct. Choose the payment method, review order for the last time and there you go. Within 24h you will get a confirmation letter, which may include additional information about delivering your order (e.g. customs etc.).

There are 3 methods of payment: 

  1. Paying for your order with a credit card.
  2. Paying by using PayPal (adds fee 5% from your order value).
  3. Asking for an invoice in which case you will get a confirmation letter within 24h.

NB!  The only payment method available for distributors is invoice.

In case you are interested in a product that is not in our product catalogue go to the contact page.

There fill out the Quick Contact Form with your request. We can offer custom product size, format and specific formulations.

In case you want to order some product in bulk size, click on the request for bulk size button at the specific product’s page. This will take you to the contact page. Alternatively you can just go to the contact page yourself, as previously described. There you will find the Quick Contact Form. Fill out this form with your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In case you really don’t want to use the E-shop, but still would like to place an order, contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To find the information about all of our distributors, hover your mouse over the E-shop and choose distributors from the menu.