RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor – Guardian of RNA

Ribonucleases or RNases are native proteins that can degrade RNA molecules. To mitigate risks we rely on RNase inhibitors, which are invaluable tools to protect and preserve RNA molecules in diverse biotechnological applications.

The presence of RNases poses a challenge in the biotech industry sector, where RNA integrity is crucial for the success of assays, including pathogen detection. Without proper safeguards, the degradation of RNA can compromise the accuracy and reproducibility of experimental results. Shielding RNA from degradation maintains the fidelity of genetic information and facilitates meaningful scientific insights.

It is not only RNA that needs protection; it is also our obligation to safeguard our home, Earth. Solis BioDyne's liquid products remain stable at room temperature for at least 1 month. This capability allows them to ship reagents in envelopes, significantly reducing their environmental footprint and transportation costs. Storage and maintenance are easy, and quality is guaranteed. All benefits are secured by the implementation of their patented Stability TAG technology.

Sometimes environmental conditions are so rough that even Solis BioDyne’s guaranteed room temperature stability is not enough. Lyophilization-compatible reagents are designed to solve that issue. They enable the preservation of biological materials in a stable and usable form for a prolonged period. These reagents facilitate long-term storage, transportation, and application, ensuring the success and reliability of various biotechnological processes and products.

RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor provides RNA protection in various assays and is available as lyophilization compatible composition with no glycerol in the storage buffer. Solis BioDyne offers RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor as a standalone protein, and it is included in their cDNA synthesis and RT-qPCR kits and mixes. Clients report that RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor protects RNA molecules even in the most demanding environmental conditions. It effectively protects RNA even after incubation in a lysis buffer for a few weeks.

If your RNA needs a guardian, the RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor stands as an optimal choice for assay advancement. Solis BioDyne offers it in unique high concentration formulation, either in a standard or lyophilization-compatible format. It is compatible with 1-step and 2-step RT-(q)PCR, RT-LAMP, cDNA synthesis, and other applications. Safeguard your invaluable RNA samples using RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor!

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