SolisFAST® Product Range

All SolisFAST® Mixes are 5x-concentrated ready-to-use solutions optimized for fast, highly sensitive, and reproducible end-point PCR, probe-based qPCR, and dye-based qPCR assays. Combining novel in silico-designed SolisFAST® DNA Polymerase with fast hot-start these mixes offer robust PCR and qPCR, accurate target detection, ice-free shipping, and reaction set-up. The mixes contain all components necessary, except primers, except primers, probes (if needed), nuclease-free water, and DNA template.

  • Fast – less time from sample to results
  • Accurate – reliable results in single- and multiplex assays
  • Stable – 30-day stability at room temperature
  • Trustworthy – avoid carry-over contamination with UNG mixes and get reliable results in Sanger sequencing applications

SolisFAST® Product Range includes:

End-point Master Mixes:

SolisFAST Master Mix

SolisFAST Master Mix Ready to Load

SolisFAST Master Mix with UNG

SolisFAST Master Mix with UNG Ready to Load

Probe-based qPCR Mixes:

SolisFAST Probe qPCR Mix

SolisFAST Probe qPCR Mix with UNG

Dye-based qPCR Mix:

SolisFAST SolisGreen qPCR Mix

Please let us know if you are interested in testing our fast products. Solis BioDyne offers free samples from the entire product range!