International Universal Health Coverage Day!

International Universal Health Coverage Day 2020: Protect Everyone

The 12th of December is a date that the United Nations proclaimed as “International Universal Health Coverage Day”. They aim to raise awareness of the need for strong and resilient health systems. The idea behind the slogan is that everyone everywhere should have access to quality, affordable health care, no matter which part of the world one resides in.

That idea has become particularly important in the Covid-19 pandemic that affects every part of our planet. People here at Solis BioDyne are working hard to make the process of Covid-19 testing, and also of other genetic analyses conducted by PCR, possible all over the world. The UN states that healthcare has to be provided close to home, in the community. Thanks to the Stability TAG that allows our products to be shipped at ambient temperature, our reagents can get to clients in places otherwise hard to reach. The room temperature stability also enables point-of-care testing.

The UN draws attention to the fact that universal health care should cover two characteristics: affordability and quality. In addition to the room temperature stability feature of our products, our prices are customer-friendly and our reagents are of a prime quality, leading to high specificity, sensitivity, and performance. As an example, here’s what our clients have said about our SOLIScript® 1-step CoV Kit:

“The specificity is 100% and the limit of detection is at 2 copies per reaction for all three viruses: SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A and Influenza B.”
"We have very nice results with your Covid one-step."
“We are very satisfied with your reagents and we like the fact that you offered us to try new products that are answering the exact needs of the market.”
“Our client detects virus with sensitivity down to 1 copy per reaction."
We are happy to offer solutions to fight the pandemic, reach people from all over the world, and be a part of making health care accessible for everyone, everywhere.