PCR, qPCR and RT-qPCR reagents

Solis BioDyne has been developing and producing life science reagents since 1995, having become one of the leading reagent suppliers in Europe today. High standards for production and service have made Solis BioDyne a trusted trademark worldwide. Our DNA polymerases, PCR Master Mixes, qPCR Mixes, reverse transcription and isothermal amplification reagents are used by a quickly growing number of customers across the globe, including top research institutes and biotech-companies. Solis BioDyne has partners in both private and state sectors, with cooperation projects ranging from OEM production to scientific research.

Product Categories

Endpoint PCR

Full range of endpoint PCR reagents including

Hot-start and standard DNA polymerases with buffers

Convenient Master Mixes for GC-rich and multiplex reactions

Master Mixes with Ready-to-Load feature enable direct loading to gel

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qPCR and RT-qPCR

Optimized ready-to-use solutions for real-time PCR including

Probe-based qPCR Mixes for standard, fast and ultra fast applications

Dye-based qPCR Mixes with EvaGreen® and SolisGreen® dyes

Time saving one-step RT-qPCR kits for quick RNA analysis

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cDNA Synthesis

Variety of reverse transcriptases (RT) for first-strand cDNA synthesis

RT enzymes with wide range of reaction temperature: 37ºC - 60ºC

Fast reaction time - from 15 minutes

Available in convenient mix and flexible kit format

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Additional Reagents

Common reagents required in PCR and post-PCR analysis including

DNA Ladders

Nucleotides in Set and Mix format

DNA Loading Dyes

MgCl2 and PCR enhancer

Enzymes for MALDI-TOF

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Convinced with the performance and quality of the product HOT FIREPol MultiPlex Mix in multiple applications: robust enzyme activity and reproducible results
in single and highly multiplexed PCRs
a "must-have" in the laboratory.

Dr. Sergey Yakushev Head of the laboratory/Microsynth, Switzerland

Excellent product quality along with affordable prices and committed customer service: these are the reasons why Solis BioDyne is our strategic enzyme supplier since many years...

Davide Roaschio Scientist in Product Development / Loewe Biochemica GmbH, Germany

We appreciate your products because most of our research takes place in Kenya and it can be difficult to ship items that are temperature sensitive...

Dr Jeremy Herren International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, Kenya

Technology note

1. Reaction set-up 2. Run the reaction 3. Analyze the result
With our SolisFAST® reagents You will cut in half the time you spend waiting for Your data. Our fast mixes are highly sensitive and with robust performance across wide range of templates. Mixes with UNG enzyme will eliminate carry-over contamination and increase reliability of Your test results.

Catalogue products are not for you?

Contact us if You have a specific requirement but cannot find the best solution among our catalogue products. We can offer custom product size, format and specific formulations. We are flexible and dedicated to meet Your needs.

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RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor – Guardian of RNA

Ribonucleases or RNases are native proteins that can degrade RNA molecules. To mitigate risks we rely on RNase inhibitors, which are invaluable tools to protect and preserve RNA molecules in diverse biotechnological applications.

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Everything you need to know about dye-based qPCR

There are two options for target detection when doing qPCR - either you use dye or probe-based detection. Today we are going to take a deep dive into the world of dye-based qPCR, which was invented during the early nineties by Russell Higuchi [1] and is still used daily around the world.

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On the way to finding treatment for depression

Depression is a very complex disease, and it has many different aspects that affect it. Once we get to know more and more things about depression and its mechanisms, then in the end, we might discover new possible drugs or drug targets for treating depression.

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Marek - the coolest IT guy out there

If you ever need someone to help you with your computer, fix your house, join you in a sports competition, or just be a friend, Marek is your guy. Being one of the friendliest, most helpful people out there certainly makes him a really cool person everyone should know more about.

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