Solis BioDyne is going isothermal with SoliSD™ Bsm DNA Polymerase Kit

As an alternative to PCR, the loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) reaction has been developed for DNA detection. The LAMP test is fast, simple, and sensitive.

SoliSD™ Bsm DNA Polymerase sequence originates from the Bacillus smithii with functional similarity to other Bst and Bsm polymerases. SoliSD™ Bsm DNA Polymerase has high strand displacement activity, which makes it ideal for LAMP application.

Reduce costs at each step

Solis BioDyne’s signature Stability TAG technology ensures remarkable stability of SoliSD™ Bsm DNA Polymerase for at least 1 month at 37°C. We ship without ice, which is not only environmentally friendly but also reduces transportation and handling costs.

PCR requires higher temperatures and more complicated cycling conditions. In contrast, LAMP assays are performed at constant lower temperatures of 55-65°C. Therefore, equipment maintenance with isothermal amplification protocol is cheaper and easier.

SoliSD™ Bsm DNA Polymerase is active at a wide temperature range between 51-62°C with great potential for LAMP and RT-LAMP assay development. The enzyme is compatible with MMLV-type Reverse Transcriptases like FIREScript®. Beneficial multiplexing and simultaneous detection of RNA and DNA significantly reduce the price per reaction.

Fast and sensitive solution in flexible kit format

There is an increasing demand for rapid and accurate diagnostic tests, where speed, sensitivity, and accuracy are crucial. SoliSD™ Bsm DNA Polymerase Kit is provided in a 5-vial format, where composition gives flexibility for developing your own isothermal amplification assay. The unique SoliSD™ Supplement system provided with the kit improves the performance of the enzyme:
  • Time to result from 4 minutes
  • Sensitivity from 1 cp/μl
  • Resolves common NTC signal issue
  • Minimizes variability between replicates
  • Allows reaction set-up at room temperature

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