Solis BioDyne’s productive cooperation with MicroGEM continues

Are you looking for an option to do dsDNA extraction experiments fast, with as few steps as possible, save some money and still get excellent results? We have something special just for you! 

We bring you great results from prenatal diagnostics. As you may know, prenatal diagnostic tests are routinely performed on pregnant women to identify aneuploidy or genetic inherited disorders of the fetus. Fetal DNA that circulates in the maternal blood can be analyzed for identifying genetic disorders. Highly efficient DNA extraction is crucial in these settings, because the low abundant material coming from the fetus needs to be efficiently extracted to detect genetic sequences that are not present in the mother.

In an experiment performed by the scientists at MicroGEM, SolisFAST® SolisGreen® qPCR Mix with UNG (no ROX) was used. This ready-to-use mix combines in-silico designed DNA polymerase (SolisFAST® DNA Polymerase), which is fast and resistant to PCR inhibitors, optimized buffer solution, DNA binding dye SolisGreen® and uracil-N-glycosylase (UNG), thus providing sensitive and specific qPCR results. Ice-free shipping and reaction set-up with SolisFAST® SolisGreen® qPCR mix with UNG (no ROX) adds an extra layer of user convenience and robustness.

SolisFAST® SolisGreen® qPCR Mix with UNG (no ROX) was then combined with MicroGEM’s technology - the nucleic extractor PDQeX in combination with the PDQeX prepGEM® Universal kit. This resulted in an optimized protocol, which significantly reduces hands-on-time per reaction, plastic consumption, and costs, for extraction of dsDNA from amniotic fluid and maternal blood.

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