See how the Mayor of Tartu washed his hands with fire

To celebrate International Children’s Day in Tartu science theatre Kolm Põrsakest and Tartu-based Estonian biotechnology company Solis BioDyne joined hands in order to enliven the streets of the city with fun scientific experiments and draw attention to career opportunities in science in Tartu. The science tent set up on Town Hall Square was also visited by the Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas, who made ice cream using liquid nitrogen and performed an experiment that involved washing his hands with fire.

“In the last year, washing hands has become more relevant than ever before. We decided to take things to a new level and celebrate International Children’s Day by testing a different kind of handwashing using fire.  The broader objective of the event was to spark young people’s interest in studying science and keep talent at home. Science is actually very exciting and it is not just about writing articles. It is also about taking care that the fruits of this labor are actually put into practice. Estonian science is at a very high level and the work of Estonian researchers also played a key role in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic,” said one of the organizers of the science tent, COO of Tartu-based biotechnology company Solis BioDyne and lab manager Angela Vaasa.

Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas, who visited the science tent, assured that there are very good learning and career opportunities in Tartu and encouraged talent to stay at home. “Tartu is a city of wisdom and science and many professionals in their field have launched their career here. Less attention has been paid to the fact that there are world-class possibilities for research in Estonia, right here in Tartu. During yesterday’s International Children’s Day celebrations, I was once again assured that science can be very exciting and that it is the future. I invite young people to come and learn science in Tartu and also to stay here,” said Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas.

In the course of the International Children’s Day celebrations, science theatre Kolm Põrsakest and Estonian biotechnology company Solis BioDyne performed various scientific experiments and shows on Town Hall Square, such as a dry ice science show and washing their hands with fire, and handed out ice cream made using liquid nitrogen. The International Children’s Day event in Tartu “Õues on mõnus” /It’s good to be outside/ was organized by Tartu Youth Work Centre.