Introducing our services

    Solis BioDyne has always welcomed all innovative ideas with open hands. In order to elevate our mission and introduce new solutions to the field of genetic testing, we are delighted to present to you our OEM service offerings. Learn how you can implement the Stability TAG technology into your business.

    Proteins and enzymes, especially PCR reagents, are Solis BioDyne’s specialty. Our product portfolio comprises of several enzymes, like DNA polymerases and reverse transcriptases, all stable at room temperature for at least 1 month thanks to the Stability TAG technology. Our highest competency is harmonizing the enzymes and proteins with our unique buffers to get the maximum level of performance even in the most demanding conditions.

    Contract manufacturing
    • You are looking for an experienced manufacturer of enzymes and proteins with competency in large-scale production
    • You are looking for a primary/secondary production site for your protein
    • You are looking for competence in codon optimization for production in E.coli
    Product development
    • You are looking for specific formulations (e.g., high concentrated, gly-free)
    • You are working with (RT-q)PCR master mixes, but you seem to not find the master mix that is a good fit for your assay
    • You are working on a special application that requires specific proteins or enzymes not available on the market
    • You are designing a protein, but you are facing problems with its stability and are looking for solutions on how to improve it – possibility to incorporate the Stability TAG into your protein
    Assay development
    • You are looking for a master mix and/or assay development for specific targets
    • You are looking for competence in (RT-q)PCR experiment optimization for your existing assay design
    White labeling
    • You have a strong brand and market presence and you would like to broaden your product portfolio with existing solutions from Solis BioDyne

    Next to the mentioned services, Solis BioDyne offers a wide range of PCR products from stand-alone enzymes to optimized ready-to-use master mixes, all produced in the European Union under strict ISO13485 and ISO9001 standards, ensuring high-quality solutions. All products are available in bulk sizes, guaranteeing a secure supply chain. Learn more about our product portfolio here:

    Please take a look at our streamlined procedure for our Contract Manufacturing, Product and Assay Development services:

    Our custom project specialists are happy to discuss the details of your needs. Send your inquiry to or contact us using the website form.