New developments on the way - POC test to fight the pandemic.

Enterprise Estonia supported the project "Development of a POC test for rapid diagnosis of pathogens (incl. COVID-19)". The project period is 01.02.2021-31.12.2023.

So far, Solis BioDyne has offered the gold standard solutions for diagnostics- RT-qPCR. Now, SARS-CoV-2 has highlighted the need for a wider variety of methods for COVID-19 analysis of patient samples.

As part of the European Regional Development Fund-supported project, Solis BioDyne is developing an innovative isothermal polymerase from which a number of reagents are being developed for use in various methods. Isothermal polymerases are increasingly used in close-up patient studies for the rapid analysis of various pathogens, allowing the analysis to be performed within 30 minutes without complex equipment

The second goal of the project is the development of freeze-drying technology for Solis BioDyne products. Freeze-drying makes it possible to significantly extend the shelf life of products and to create new types of analytical methods. The total cost of the project is 1,368,200 €, of which the European Regional Development Fund covers up to 1,094,560€.