MicroGEM cooperation project with Solis BioDyne

We are happy to announce our cooperation project with MicroGEM to solve together the toughest problems related to DNA analysis of plant samples. Not to mention bringing you the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

We know that working with plant samples can be tricky. Here we have a solution for you that is really fast, thoroughly tested and approved by specialists from MicroGEM and Solis BioDyne. 

SolisFAST® SolisGreen qPCR Mix with UNG, a qPCR Mix from the inhibitor tolerant SolisFAST® qPCR range, was tested in a study led by the scientists from MicroGEM. The results showed that by combining MicroGEM’s phytoGEM extraction kit with Solis BioDyne’s fast and inhibitor tolerant qPCR mix you can go from sample to excellent qPCR results in less than 2 hours even when dealing with tough samples like plants. This will set the bar for more affordable DNA analyses in all those conditions for which the availability of input material represents a limiting factor.

You can read all about the study from HERE.