Marek - the coolest IT guy out there

If you ever need someone to help you with your computer, fix your house, join you in a sports competition, or just be a friend, Marek is your guy. Being one of the friendliest, most helpful people out there certainly makes him a really cool person everyone should know more about.

From his childhood, Marek has two favorite memories. When he was about 4-5 years old, he pulled a stinging nettle out with his bare hands but did not feel any pain or itchiness from it. Strange right? Around the same age, he was very keen on working and helping others. At the time he lived in a building with 4 apartments in Suure-Jaani. One day one of his neighbors (a woman living alone) asked him to help move firewood into the woodshed to which he of course agreed with a loud exclamation: “Work will not start itself. Let’s do it!”. He was later rewarded with a lot of pancakes.

Marek building a house.
When Marek was growing up, IT wasn’t something he was particularly interested in. As his father was working in the forest (as an operator of a forwarder) then this was something he found fascinating. He remembers hanging out with his father at work (the day started at 5 am and ended at 9 pm, far from home). However, he ended up getting the highest possible degree in civil engineering. And since 2010 he has been working in IT, starting as a QA member in the Skype project. After that, he moved from one IT project to another, becoming a project manager/ product owner for different clients’ projects in the process. As he has skills to also engineer houses then from time to time, he does house projects as well.

Maybe career-wise Marek’s interests have changed quite a lot, but what hasn’t changed is the general goal of what he wants to do in life. He has always wanted to make an impact so that he would not regret anything on his last day in this world. It is in Marek’s nature to give his energy to help others in their journey. He often sees helping someone in his dreams – being a hero. He enjoys what he does and likes that it has a purpose. Marek is on a journey of making a bigger impact in the world – once he recognizes it, he knows he is on the right path.

If he had to describe what he does at Solis BioDyne, it would be something like this: “I start my day with happy thoughts and head back to my office. I work in a company where I can help people to make their work more efficient and important. Everything nowadays is related to IT, and I am the guy who brings IT and bio together. Sounds difficult but if I do it with my heart then it is fairly easy.”

In Solis BioDyne he likes people and community the most. “I like what people in Solis do, how smart they are, and how friendly. For me, the field where Solis BioDyne is operating is totally new and exciting. I am glad that I am here, and I can contribute, sharing my knowledge.”

Marek in his natural habitat.

Marek thinks that great stories are related to awesome people. He doesn’t have one great story to share. For him every morning he comes to work and meets his people, he is blessed to have them around him. Stories happen on a daily basis, and he could write a book about all those memorable moments.

His favorite team experience was from the company summer days on Kihnu island where he experienced how big (in heart and soul) team Solis BioDyne actually is.

What motivates Marek to get out of bed every morning is the energy that is coming out of the people around him. He is motivated when he sees that people around him are happy and he has done something for that.

People at Solis BioDyne say: "Marek never gives up. He is very solution oriented. Additionally, it's hard to find a more helpful man than him. One of a kind! Marek is one of the kindest and most helpful teammate you can ever wish for. He also has an amazing ability to make people happy around him! He is an amazing supporter of the IT world! He is kind, caring, and supportive! His kindness makes him shine. Super, super, super! Always there when someone needs help. Calm, encouraging, supportive. A great party companion."

As you may have noticed so far, Marek is on a journey to becoming a better person and sharing his energy with others. His biggest challenge in that has been getting past the ego and changing his mindset. It has been a long way and he thinks he is still at the beginning of how he sees his life happening. However, his biggest achievement is his awesome daughter.

Marek playing volleyball.

In his spare time, Marek likes to play volleyball. He has been doing it for almost 20 years, currently being active in the setter position on the Tamsalu volleyball team. Driving to the other side of the country for practice once a week takes him out of his daily thoughts and helps him to concentrate on different things. Marek has also learned Chinese massage and from time to time uses his skills.

In the future, professionally Marek would like to upgrade his skillset on the IT management side and engineer a few new houses (projects and maybe build one new house also). On a personal level, he would like to be the very best version of himself and be very happy with everything he does.

Marek also has some great advice to share: “Make your decisions with your heart and do not let anyone else make it for you. Surround yourself with people that matter to you and from whom you can learn. Love yourself and others around you. I would like to remind everyone that never forget yourself – do those things that matter to you and be sure you are happy. I like what Will Smith has said: “I know who I am, I know what I believe, that's all I need to know”.”