Innovation Powered By Nature

When ideas and goals bring people together, forming a community with a collective identity, then inspiring individuals take action and achieve great things. The power of those beliefs that unite them can be the force for real change in the world. In Solis BioDyne, the curiosity and passion for exploring science, and taking responsibility for our environment, is inspired by nature as the ultimate innovator. This is what identifies us.

Innovation is our driving force behind progress and advancement in all areas, that is why every element with which we communicate what we do and what we are is inspired by our own nature, for example, our name.
Solis means Sun, the center of our solar system, the life driver. Bio is life and Dyne is force, power. And it is interesting how these three words also relate to the animal that represents us - the Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis).

In Ancient Greece, the name for Common Kingfisher - Alkyone - originated from the word halkuṓn (ἀλκυών) based on the derivation of two words: ἅλς (háls), which means salt, the fuel of life, essential for enzyme activity, and κυέω (kuéō), which means to conceive, the force to create. 

This bird has different features that are aligned with the essence of Solis BioDyne. It is a small, unmistakably bright creature - people recognize it because of the colors, like us. The common kingfisher is fast and its advanced and remarkable fishing technique is considered innovative and direct, characteristics that can also be used to describe our products. When the common kingfisher spots a fish, with a few wingbeats it dives headfirst at a speed of up to 25 mph, folding its wings tight against the sides of its body as it plunges into the water and catches a fish in the blink of an eye. For us, visual adaptations and attention to detail are the engines of discovering and engineering molecular tools to meet the demands of the world’s top life scientists. Among other important characteristics, the common kingfisher migrates from areas where rivers freeze in winter, as for most of our products, low temperatures are not necessary to survive thanks to the Stability TAG technology. 
When we found the features of the Common Kingfisher, not only the etymology of its name, but its colors, abilities, behavior, and how it relates to what we do at Solis BioDyne, made us understand that we were on the right path in the construction of our identity. Translating what is everywhere in nature and finding the same patterns drives us to look into the depths of nature from the DNA level and translate these benefits and characteristics for the greater good of the world, we understood what moves us. Elevating science and unleashing the full potential of genetics is our passion and responsibility, the greatest inspiration for our work.
We are proud to be inspired by nature and innovate powered by it.