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Novel in silico engineered, protein-based RNase inhibitor


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RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor (220 U/µl) is an in silico-designed protein-based ribonuclease inhibitor, which inactivates RNase A, RNase B and RNase C.

RiboGrip® inhibits the activity of ribonuclease A by noncovalently binding in a non-competitive mode at a ratio of 1:1. It is primarily used to prevent RNA degradation by contaminating RNases in various assays that use RNA sample materials, such as first strand cDNA synthesis, RT-(q)PCR, RT-LAMP, etc.

RiboGrip® also includes a genetic modification - Stability TAG - Solis BioDyne’s proprietary and patented polypeptide stabilization technology [1]. Stability TAG makes RiboGrip® extremely tolerant to higher temperatures and enables room temperature shipping as well as effective use in assays requiring high incubation temperatures. in assays requiring high incubation temperatures. Demonstrated through our in-house testing where RiboGrip® retains full activity after 1 hour incubation at 60 °C.

Unique high concentration and glycerol free formulation is perfect for lyophilization! Click HERE to see our lyo-compatible RiboGrip®.

Included in FIREScript® and SOLIScript® cDNA Synthesis Kits and Mixes, and in all SOLIScript® 1-step RT-PCR kits.

[1] Kahre, O. et al., Compositions for increasing polypeptide stability and activity, and related methods, EP2501716B1 (2015) and US9321999B2 (2016)


Preventing RNA degradation in variety of applications including:

  • First-strand cDNA synthesis
  • In vitro transcription and translation
  • RNA isolation and purification
  • RNA sequencing


Concentration: 220 U/µl

Origin: Recombinant mammalian chimeric protein

Source: Purified from an E. coli strain that carries an overproducing plasmid containing a RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor gene

Molecular weight: 47 kD monomer

Unit definition: One unit is defined as the amount of protein required to inhibit the activity of 5 ng of RNAse A by 50%. Activity is measured by the inhibition of hydrolysis of cytidine 2',3'‐cyclic monophosphate by RNase A.

Storage buffer: 50% glycerol (v/v), 20 mM Tris- HCl pH 7.5, 100 mM KCl, 0.1 mM EDTA, 5 mM DTT and stabilizers.

Specificity: RNase A, RNase B, RNase C 

Recommendations for use: 0,5-2.5 U/μl final reaction concentration

NB! The previous version of this product, RiboGrip® RNase Inhibitor (Cat. No. 06-22) has been discontinued. The new version is fully compatible with the previous one, however due to change in concentration, the protocol might differ. Please refer to the product data sheet for up-to-date usage instructions.

Storage & Shipping

Routine storage: -20ºC.

Temporary storage for up to 1 month at room temperature has no detrimental effects on the quality of the reagents.


At room temperature.