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Improve your Monkeypox testing with Solis BioDyne

With Monkeypox out there creating a new health concern, the need for new testing kits has already reached us. We have your best interests in mind! Like Covid, detection of the infection is by PCR test.

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Everything great about stability

We are having a stability appreciation month, so here are all the good things related to stability from experiment set-up to logistics.

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Discovering new information on hepatic diseases

In our last story we talked about how animals can help to improve human health. This time we are talking about how humans could improve the health of animals, more specifically the health of horses and donkeys.

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PCR test

During the last couple of years PCR tests have become quite well-known, mostly in relation to the COVID-19. In reality, using PCR tests to diagnose diseases has been around for some time and it’s becoming increasingly more popular and diverse, allowing for better pathogen detection not just in the field of medicine, but also in other areas such as agriculture.

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Ilja – the man with many interests

It is time to introduce another one of our amazing colleagues. For this month we have chosen our development and technology specialist Ilja.

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